Sunday Brunch

January 4, 2015.   Happy New Year to all.  When I was younger, I would celebrate the new year with a solo trip into the mountains to refocus.  Some of these trips were wonderful and a few involved packing up my tent @ 2:00 am and skiing out.  I have now aged/evolved to sailing, enjoying the company of other sailors and this year a Sunday brunch!

Leaving Shilshole for Bell St. Marina

S/V Dolce Vita @ Shilshole

Sunday was the day for myself and several kindred spirits to gently celebrate the new year with a sail.  The celebration began at the Seattle Sailing Club where we gathered amongst discussions of the weather, tomato basil soup & toasted cheese sandwiches for those sailing with Margaret Pommert, and our destination.  At 09:30 hours with everyone aboard, Dolce Vita and Silver Girl left the marina for Bell St. marina in downtown Seattle.

Silver Girl crew to Bell St. Marina

Silver Girl crew to Bell St. Marina

Our crew consisted of Justin, Paul & Dylan Benson, Brian & Ann Heckman.  With a nice 5-10 kts from the south east we exchanged experiences and approached the Bell St marina in time for brunch at Anthonys.


Bell St. Marina

After brunch some had a ride on the big wheel and with an increasing breeze from the south east we passed the Space Needle and headed to West Point.

Space Needle

Space Needle

We made nine knots on a downwind sail back to Shilshole.  The day was a gentle and pleasant experience with new sailors.