The Broughtons. Alert Bay to Echo Bay



Pierre & mate at Echo Bay courtesy of Teri Weronko

Our destination this afternoon/evening is Pierre’s Echo Bay Marina.  We have about 25nm to cover before reaching Pierre’s.


Alert Bay to Pierre’s Echo Bay

1330 hrs June 24, 2015 at Alert Bay N 50º35.456′ W126º56.204′

The crew slowly wandered back to the boat.  Each of us with our own thoughts and images about this place.  A half day visit is simply far to short for this island.  Three days or more would honor the beauty of this place.  But with so many places to visit we needed to have a schedule.  With a full crew we cast of our lines and slipped out of Alert Bay.

Alert Bay Village

Alert Bay Village

We motored SE down the south west side of Cormorant Island and then north east for the Pearse Passage as Gordon’s Bluff slid past our port side. Up into the Cormorant Channel as the west winds picked up with growing seas. 55 degree temp with a dropping barometer and raining. As we approached Malcolm island we changed our heading to the east pointing the bow at Backfish Sound.  Turning north off the tip of Swanson Island we motored to the opening between Midsummer Island, to the south, and Bonwick Island on the north.  Motoring east we entered the Retreat Passage at 1715 hours.  We opted to pass anchoring in Waddington Bay due to the west winds and continued on to Pierre’s Echo Bay.

Pierre's Echo Bay

Pierre’s Echo Bay from the Channel

1830 hours we have Echo Bay off our starboard beam.  We swing to starboard and enter Echo Bay throw Pierre a line and tie up for the night.


Homes & Docks in Echo Bay

Echo Bay is both a community and a marina.  It is famous for Billy Proctor and his museum.  The charm of this place is beyond your dreams.  Unfortunately, as with all lovely things it can get crowded in July and August.  Be certain to do a reservation.


Marina at Echo Bay


A Pederson 45 from Portland in the marina

After an evening of showers, dinner in the saloon we walked the docks in the long summer evening.  With light to 2300 hours there is a lot of socializing, drinking and meeting new friends.  Finally, with welcome darkness I went to bed after creating the nav plan for the next day.  Our new destination will be Kwatsi Bay.











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