An Afternoon on Possession Sound


Possession Sound

Possession Sound is the body of water bounded by Whidbey Island to the west and the shore of Snohomish county to the east.  It was claimed by George Vancouver for England during his exploration of the area on June 3, 1792.  The Tulalip people were the local residents.  The Snohomish river flows into the sound on the east and the sound opens to the Puget Sound basin to the south around Mukilteo.  Along the eastern shore of Whidbey Island is the Saratoga passage bounded on the east by Camano Island.  This passage provides an opening to the Straits of San Juan da Fuca via Deception Pass.  Transiting this area requires tide timing since the current my reach 6 kts at times.

On Thursday with a forecast of 10-15kts from the south east the crew of S/V Duck Soup slipped the lines of Duck Soup and we ghosted out of the marina for an afternoon of pleasure, conversation, & friendship.  It was what I’ve come to regard as ideal fall sailing weather.  Gray, chilly, rainy and good winds.  If I come wearing my foulies and rubber boots, a sun break is a bonus surprise!

Scott Selby & Wayne Porter

Scott Selby & Wayne Porter

With Scott as the skipper, in his cheerful yellow foulies,  we headed out of the channel and south west toward Hat Island.  The smiles reflect the quality of the day for the crew.   Cold, rainy, good winds!  The perfect day.


Hat Island

With Hat Island off the starboard we turned south west towards Puget Sound.


Mukilteo Clinton Ferry

As we zipped along on an autumnal breeze with Whidbey to our right and Mukilteo off the port we passed astern the ferry.

Mukilteo Ferry

With the knowledge that the ebb was coming and the light waining we came about and started our  return north to the marina.


Port of Everett

A quintessential afternoon that brought smiles, good conversations, and friendship.  Below is a brief video of segments from the day.  Click on the link below to view the smiles.   Be well….


  1. Thank Patrick for documenting our recent outing. You have a very readable style of writing. Enjoyed your history also of the area.
    May stiff winds find your sails. Wayne



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